Does your email marketing strategy leave you feeling frazzled?

Together, let’s change that by creating a simple & sustainable email marketing strategy that actually works for your business!

EMS = Email Marketing Strategy

introducing the ems audit

The only audit service that audits your email marketing strategy

& provides you with a clear subscriber path from soup to nuts.

Every EMS Audit is performed using The ET³ Framework because it combines the beauty of simplicity, sustainability, and sovereignty by focusing on three key pieces:

1 | Branding – showcasing your business’ sweet & spicy sauce

2 | Strategy – getting your offers on the table in an authentic way

3 | Systems – how we free up your time with automation!

My signature framework ensures a curated and automated strategy that’s as unique as your business’ sweet & spicy sauce.


With an EMS Audit, I’ll dive into your:

– Branding
– Offers
– Lead generation
– Workflows
– Newsletters
– Segmenting system
– Automation systems
– Newsletters
– and more!

– Build stronger brand awareness
– Improve engagement
– Build trust
– and turn your subscribers into paying clients.

You’ll not only receive feedback about how to improve your existing strategy;
you’ll also receive recommendations for how to:

– Build stronger brand awareness
– Improve engagement
– Build trust
– and turn your subscribers into paying clients.

The Process


Once services are secured, I’ll send you an EMS Audit Questionnaire that helps to ensure your audit’s success.


I will survey your audience, dive deep into your workflows, check your list health, and more.

EMS Audit Results

You’ll receive the EMS Audit PDF, video walk-throughs, and anything else that’s needed. 

After you’ve had a chance to review all of the materials, I will follow up to see if you have any questions. I want you to be confident in moving forward, so I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the audit results.

Check out these stats:


Average ROI

$1,000 EMS investment X 36 ROI
= $36,000 potential revenue*

40x More


Email marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook + Twitter combined!*

“This audit was amazing!

Really impressive and informative.”

Jason C.

“Erin is great to work with and offered amazing insight and service!

Will continue to work with her and highly recommend her!”

Nora L.

EMS Audit

[and helps me spend more time with my family]

Yep, I totally get that this is an investment, but. . .

You can continue grasping at straws with your marketing strategy, spending countless hours on content that doesn’t convert, & miss out on family game night because you’re stuck working.

– OR –

You can invest in your business, as well as yourself, to create an effective email marketing strategy that allows you to earn money while taking the crown at family game night – or even while catching up on your zzz’s.

Let’s create an email marketing strategy that showcases your business’ sweet & spicy sauce

& turns subscribers into paying clients!

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