Flodesk Email Marketing Specialist

Get your time back with email marketing.

It’s time to stop choosing between work & family.

I get it.

Hustling 24/7 to turn your dreams into reality may seem like the only solution.

You see boss babes all over the internet preaching that hustling is the only way to achieve success. 

But I’ve got some news for you momma …

this isn’t going to get you more time with your family…

& it certainly won’t allow you to have a simple & sustainable business.

So why are you working more than ever when what you really want is to work less and make more money?

You don’t need more hustle. You’re driven enough.

You simply need an email marketing strategy that works for YOUR business.

Late nights and nap time aren’t the only times you can make money—Let your business make bank while you’re spending time with your family or even while you’re sleeping!

Life with a curated email marketing strategy can be…


No more overcomplicating systems and strategies. It’s time to focus on the essential tasks that actually grow your income.


No more squeezing work time in just to make ends meet. It’s time to set up a systemized strategy so that you always have enough without overworking.


With a simple and sustainable approach to your business, it’s time to work the schedule of your dreams because you now have the power to decide how your time is spent.

Check out these stats:


Open Rate

My clients average open rate is 27% above the industry average of 23%.



My clients average click-through rate [CTR] is 11% above the industry average of 2.5%.


Average ROI

$1,000 investment X 36 ROI
= $36,000 potential revenue*

40x More


Email marketing is 40x more effective than Facebook + Twitter combined!*

What clients are saying:

“She designed a beautiful newsletter template and has provided me with well-written emails each week. Everything was delivered on time, and communication has been excellent. Hiring Erin to help me with my email was a great idea.”

Lauren B.

“Erin is amazing! She is responsible, extremely organized, and very thorough! She can take on any project, and you can count on her!”

Katie P.

“I loved the email sequencing that Erin provided me. It was just what I asked for. I wanted it to be elegant, girly, yet professional and she delivered exactly what I wanted! I also loved her copy! It was as if I typed out my own email. I had to make no changes! I am so busy with my blog so I am glad that I didn’t have to put much time into redoing anything.”

Michelle S.

Create a curated email marketing strategy
in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Define Your Goal

Every business has a unique goal, so let’s dive into your goals. After all, what’s the point of an email marketing strategy if you don’t know what you want from it?

Step 2: What's Your Story?

Humans love and crave connection, so let’s serve your business’ unique story up on a silver platter for your community.

Step 3: Plan It Out

A goal without a plan is simply a dream, so let’s plan out exactly how you’re going to nurture and convert your community.

Hi momma! I’m Erin.

I’m your Arkansas-based Flodesk Email Marketing Specialist.

I help mompreneurs just like you break free from hustle culture to create a simple and sustainable business through building a beautifully curated Flodesk email marketing strategy that converts.

Too often I see mompreneurs struggling to take their business to the next level, and I’m here to change that. You don’t have to sacrifice time with your family to create a successful business, and I’m here to prove it to you.

Are you ready to say, “So long hustle! It’s family vacation time!”

If so, you’re in the right place!

How I can serve you

Newsletter Services

You want to connect with your email community consistently, but you don’t have the time. That’s where my newsletter and list management services can help. Packages are available for monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly newsletters so that you don’t miss a beat!

Flodesk Setup

Whether you are just getting started with email marketing or migrating your services, I can help you set up everything from your branding and welcome sequence to newsletter template and more ready for you in Flodesk!


If you’re ready to get your email marketing strategy working for you like yesterday, then a VIP Day is the perfect solution! I can help you expedite your Flodesk Setup, newsletter services, Flodesk punch list, and more!

“Erin was great and provided great quality work. I am happy we found her!”

Michael & Kasey W.

“Erin is great to work with and offered amazing insight and service! Will continue to work with her and highly recommend!”

Nora L.

“Erin is very professional, intelligent, and did an overall great job.”

Hannah K.

Ready to discover how to make money while feeding those hungry kiddos?