Imagine if you had an automated email marketing strategy
that freed up your time

Balancing a family & business is no joke.

Some people even say it’s impossible.

But not you!

You know anything is possible!

After all, you’re hustling to scale your business, which can take a lot of time—
leaving little for your family or even sleep.

[Who needs sleep these days anyways?]

But what if that isn’t true?

What if you could consistently get your offers in front of your list using automated nurturing sequences allowing you to work less while making more money?


You could actually make money while taking that family vacation you’ve talked about for…

well, we won’t say how long. 😉

The great news is that you can!

  • You can make money while on vacation or just hanging out in the backyard.
  • You can make money while napping or enjoying your favorite hobbies.
  • You can work less while taking your business to the next level.

You can choose how you spend your time with ZERO guilt!

Because I’m going to help you do exactly what I did.

I was burnt out from hustling 24/7 and had zilch, nada, nothing to show for my efforts.

I wasted so much time on something that wasn’t working.

One day, while in the garden it came to me.

My business needed to be more like a garden.

  • Simple in approach.
  • Sustainably producing fruits for labor.
  • Sovereign effort to work and rest when necessary.

I did this by implementing a beautifully curated & automated email marketing strategy allowing me to focus on turning subscribers into paying clients and let go of the rest.

After realizing my passion for email marketing, I decided to turn what I learned into helping entrepreneurs—just like you—do the same.

It kills me to see other entrepreneurs hustling and burning out, and I’m here to help change that.

Introducing the ET³ Framework

Curated & Automated
Email Marketing Strategies that are
simple, sustainable, & sovereign
so you can focus on what really matters in life—living it.

The ET³ Framework includes combining the beauty of simplicity, sustainability, and sovereignty 
by focusing on three key pieces:


  1. Branding – showcasing your business’ sweet & spicy sauce
  2. Strategy – getting your offers on the table in an authentic way
  3. Systemshow we free up your time with automation!

We will create brand recognition that clients notice instantly,
work to build trust from the moment they opt onto your list,
& turn your subscribers into paying clients.

All while you’re hanging out with your family.

Check out the services menu below to find the service that best fits your needs

& let’s get to work!

The Services Menu

1-Hour Strategy Call

INVESTMENT – Starting at $200

Does your email marketing strategy leave you feeling frazzled? I can help you crack the code of your email marketing strategy by using a simple & sustainable approach to email marketing strategies.

Great service if you’re starting from scratch, trying to build a roadmap, or just want to make sure people won’t cringe when they read your emails.

Your 1-Hour Strategy Call includes the following:

  • 1-hour Strategy Call with yours truly
  • Call recording [mp4]
  • PDF Tearsheet
Feeling a little frazzled with your email marketing strategy?

EMS Setup

INVESTMENT – Starts at $1,240

Using my curated & automated email marketing strategy, you can scale your business while watching ducks at the park with your family.

This service is perfect for new & existing strategies.

Your EMS Setup can include the following:

  • Migration + Branding Setup
  • Strategy Call[s]
  • Welcome Workflow to encourage engagement
  • 1-2 Page Freebie designed by me
  • Website Opt-In Forms + Landing Page
  • Newsletter Template + Action Plan
  • Cold Subscriber Sequence Setup
  • Email Support & more!

Newsletter Services

INVESTMENT – Starting at $700/quarter

My newsletter services ensure you connect with your community regularly & attract new customers just like Chick Days at your local feed store.

Packages offered include monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly newsletters

Here’s what each package includes:

  • Strategy Call
  • A beautifully designed newsletter & sent by me
  • Proofreading/Editing – copy provided by the client
  • Images provided by client or sourced by me
  • Post email reports – provided monthly
  • Monthly email list management

Yep, I totally get that this is an investment, but. . .

You could keep DIYing your strategy, spending hours researching, hacking competitors’ strategies, and trying to craft the perfect system, possibly achieving it one day.

But you’ll continue to question if there is a better system and never feel truly confident in your strategy.
After all that effort… and it may not even work.

You could keep spending your hard earned money on email marketing products and courses that promise to deliver you the “key” to success.

But you’ll end up with a generic strategy that isn’t really curated for your business, that doesn’t get you the results you’re capable of, and your subscribers will notice.

– OR –

You could make the dollars you’re already investing work harder for you

at a fraction of the cost.

Your business’ sweet & spicy sauce is unique, which means your email marketing strategy should be, too!

& it just so happens that curated & automated email marketing strategies are my JAM!

Let me help you stop choosing between work & family.

Because time is precious & we all thrive on simplicity

I’ve got an application that will help us determine if we’re a good fit or not. [Btw, I really hope we are!] 

Bookings are first come, first serve, so get your application submitted now!

What clients are saying:

“I loved the email sequencing that Erin provided me.

It was just what I asked for. I wanted it to be elegant, girly, yet professional and she delivered exactly what I wanted! I also loved her copy! It was as if I typed out my own email. I had to make no changes! I am so busy with my blog so I am glad that I didn’t have to put much time into redoing anything.”

Michelle S.

“She designed a beautiful newsletter template

and has provided me with well-written emails each week. Everything was delivered on time, and communication has been excellent. Hiring Erin to help me with my email was a great idea.”

Lauren B.

“Great quality work!

Erin was great. I am happy we found her!”

Michael & Kasey W.

So who am I?

Hi there! I’m Erin.

After two business degrees, thirteen years working for 6 & 7-figure businesses, and seven years of email marketing experience, I combined my love of entrepreneurship with helping other people grow their own businesses to create Erin Tannehill LLC.

Now, I spend my days geeking out about email marketing strategies that allow entrepreneurs to make bank while hanging out with their families! When I’m off-the-clock, you’ll catch me hanging out with my fur and fluff babies, getting an organic workout in the garden, or enjoying an evening out with the hubby.

I know what it takes to turn subscribers into customers, and the best part is that it’s done with simplicity & sustainability in mind.

& I can’t wait to get this set up for you!

“Erin is a MUST-HIRE!

She is organized and timely, and I know I can count on her to take care of my weekly needs. I don’t want to share her, but must be honest about her ability to edit and advise on my programs, manage and organize email and so much more :)”

Katie P.

“I felt like Erin understood how much help I needed and what I needed to earn success with my email strategy.

I also felt like she had my back and could really help me through the process. Erin never tried to up-sell or change direction – she listened to me and only suggested the services that would be most helpful. I feel like I have more direction and am not so “all over the place.” I like simple and visual, and I feel like my new email templates and my email strategy is so much easier. Erin is a good listener, a good person, creative, intuitive and so helpful! ”

Mary H.

“Erin is great to work with and offered amazing insight and service!

Will continue to work with her and highly recommend!”

Nora L.

Are we a great fit?

I would love to be a great fit for everyone who applies to work with me, but sometimes that isn’t the case.

Please read through the two columns to see if we’d be great together.

Yes! Let's Go!

– I’m ready to have a consistent & automated email marketing strategy.

– I have an email community of at least 5,000 subscribers that I’m ready to connect with consistently.

– I’m serious about growing my business and want my email marketing strategy set up properly.

– I can afford to set things up properly and/or ongoing services and am ready to make it happen!

– I’m ready to put my trust in an expert and do the work necessary to get things going.

Not such a good fit.

– I don’t think having an email marketing strategy is all that important.

– I’m not really sure what I’m doing or what results I want to see…

– I’d say I’m more of a hobbyist than a business owner. Not all that serious about scaling a business.

– I can’t really afford to invest in proper services. Looking for someone with discounted services.

– I don’t know if I am ready to trust someone else with my email marketing.

The decision is yours to make:

Are you ready to invest in your business’ email marketing strategy so you can make money while hanging with your family?

Apply Now!

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